Software For FM

FM Software

We’ll change the way you look at FM If our current clients are anything to go by, our software solutions will change the way you look at FM and your current processes. Our FM software UNIFY will actually help manage your team, delivering cost savings as well as providing many features and benefits to your clients. And as our System is delivered via the Cloud, there is no need for expensive back-end infrastructure.

Just a few of the features and tangible benefits provided by Software for FM would include:-

• Providing Web access to the Facilities Management function for both Facilities Management personnel and end clients

• Supporting automated e-mail production (also available via Workflow): allows definition of business rules to keep customers, managers, supervisors and other personnel up to date with Facilities Management activities

• Integration with 3rd party hardware and software systems

• Tracking assets and controlling asset costs (depreciation, maintenance etc)

• Reducing asset costs through efficient asset management

• Reducing equipment downtime and preventing mechanical failure through planned preventative maintenance

• Providing fast and accurate real-time reporting