Software For FM

Other Services

Additional tools to drive your business:

Hardware and Software

Should you require it, we can also supply all hardware, networking and software to run alongside our FM Software solution. We have a relationship with most of the major computing manufacturers including Dell, HP and Cisco and can keep costs at affordable prices.

Consultancy Service

We also offer a full IT consultancy service which can be as comprehensive as you require. This can cover many items including site surveys all the way through to delivering large scale networks and server rooms.

Real-time Reporting

For total control of your facilities, we provide instant feedback enabling you to react instantly to opportunities or threats, correct mistakes or further enhance performance.

24 Hour emergencies

Our 24 hour on-call expert team can handle any issues that may occur. So you’ll receive total system support day or night.


In order to ensure a full understanding of our systems, we’ll undertake software training in your office with your key staff during the initial installation phase, and on an on-going basis when required.

Please contact us to further discuss any of the services offerend by Software for FM Ltd.